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Connecting people through travel


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TravelApp enhances your airport experience by recommending personalized networking opportunities.

1. Create a profile

Answer 3 quick questions so that we can recommend you personalized business connections.

2. Forward ticket

Send us your ticket confirmation email to so that we can get to work!

3. Get connected

Based on your flight details, we will connect you with relevant business travelers on your upcoming trip.

Why TravelApp?

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  • Unlimited networking opportunities, free of charge.

  • Airports are full of potential business connections - don’t miss out on those opportunities!

  • Eliminate normal networking barriers with our personalized recommended connections for you and your business.

  • Spend your idle time at the airport more efficiently.

  • You have full control over who you network with.

Empowering business networking

In the US alone, over 500 million business travelers take to the skies each year. Yet, they consistently miss out on valuable networking opportunities every time they’re at the airport.


TravelApp aims to enhance business travelers' airport experience by recommending personalized networking opportunities.

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