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People’s Perspectives On ‘The New Normal'

While a number of individuals were nominally affected by the outbreak and found very little changes in their daily routines, many others faced extreme difficulties getting used to ‘the new normal’. As some adjust to their lives indoors, others prepare for the reopening of their regions.

Homeschooling During The Pandemic.
Homeschooling During The Pandemic. Photo Credit: Annie Sprat

How Are Students Adjusting?

Regardless of the fact that online education has many benefits of its own, such as the comfort, self-paced learning and lower costs, many students argue that it has not been beneficial for them. It is not the students that are learning, but their teachers and parents instead. As several teachers adapt to online education platforms that are fairly new to them, students feel as if their tutors are unequipped and unskilled to teach. In many parts of the globe, it is up to the parents to keep their child’s education active. Before helping their children understand a particular subject, they must understand it for themselves. Other students also find it hard to focus on academic material because they aren’t learning in a proper class environment. All of these factors contribute to an inefficient learning system and make schooling an even more dreaded period of the day. Younger kids miss playing with their friends in recess while older teenagers crave for the opportunity to take class trips and prepare for college.

How Can Businesses Communicate Empathy And Offer Stability?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has raged chaos in various industries from healthcare to tourism, specific individuals question the ways they can support their respective teams. The first step is to develop trust. There are common misconceptions that leaders must have the answers to all sorts of hindrances, but the truth is far from that. In situations like this, offering humility, vulnerability and understanding are essential. The next step is to create a sense of safety and make sure people are properly equipped to contribute. Once people are fitted with the right tools and resources to do their jobs, they are ready to be productive again. Lastly, people must empower others to co-create the future for their organizations. It is obvious that the outbreak has forever changed the landscape of business. Building a successful organization today will require leaders to employ three central practices: transparent communication, authentic dialogue and shared ownership. Additionally, by staying in touch through business and networking platforms, we can ensure that people are staying connected and up-to-date. We must remind ourselves that in order to adapt to the future, we cannot go backwards.

Reopening In The Corona Virus Era:

As several districts begin to reopen, many queries arise:

Should you continue to wear masks? Yes, because there is no harm in protecting yourself against certain risks. It is also vital to maintain a distance of six-feet from people since masks alone don’t get the job done. Moreover, the virus can be transmitted through droplets in the eye, so by standing further apart, you can safeguard yourself.

Is it okay to go to public places? When it comes to larger areas – for example, a beach – you must avoid crowds and maintain distance, even in water. For smaller places such as restaurants, barbershops and beauty salons, precautions are being taken through PPE suits and gloves. It is still important to surround yourself with as few people as possible, and to consider your options and decide if you really need to go.

Can you travel? As long as it is an absolute necessity, yes. Many people are torn apart from their families abroad and yearn for a chance to see them again. Maintaining distance in the airport and on the plane are key components to staying safe.

Can you pray at places of worship? Many houses of worship are implementing strict SOPs before reopening. It is also crucial to avoid contact as much as you can within the rules of your religion.

Bottom Line Despite the fact that a lot of aspects from our new lives are becoming ‘the new normal’, it is unclear how long the situation will continue. The best we can do for now is to adjust to the current circumstances and pray for a better tomorrow.

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